Best 7 Seat Cars

Hyundai Santa Fe Best Used 7 Passenger Vehicles Under 10000

Best 7 Seat Cars are getting more and more popular nowadays, and there are quite a lot of selections that you can consider buying. Seven-seat cars have many advantages, especially those who have a big family and love to travel around together.

Those who love weekend escapade into the wilderness and camping will also benefit by having one of these seven-seat cars. Aside from the usual car dealers, you can also look for seven-seat vehicles in police car auctions that are often held by the police department in many towns. Here are some of the best seven-seat cars that you can consider.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso is one of those seven-seat cars that looks sleek and elegant that hides a simple, airy, and bright, minimalist interior. The glass roof design of this large car also let plenty of light to trickle into the vehicle, making it possible to drive around without having to light up the cabin lights.

The full windows featured all around the Picasso making this car have excellent visibility and more comfortable to drive around and park when you are cruising the town. While the seat is up the Picasso is a high family bus that can house seven passengers, when the positions folded it can be a great van that can contain more than 1800 litre of cargo.

Ford Galaxy

Another seven-seat car that you can consider is the Ford Galaxy, one of the most popular seven-passenger carrier that ever exists since the idea realised. Ford Galaxy equipped many sophisticated features regardless of which trim level you choose to purchase, especially in the third all-new generation of the Galaxy production. There are also many spaces available for the passengers in the second and third seat, and the sixth and seventh seat can be adjusted to make them more comfortable.

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Renault Grand Scenic MPV

The Renault Grand Scenic is one of the three famous MPV from Renault that is seven-seat cars.  The Grand Scenic provides full windows that makes it one of the most comfortable car to drive around and park in the city. It also equipped with a long glass roof that makes it possible for all the seven passengers inside the car enjoy the view above the vehicle when you are going on a journey. The car is also very fuel efficient, reaching the mark of 68 mpg when drove around.

Kia Carens

The Kia Carens are one of the smallest seven-seat cars on our list, and even though it is quite small, its specification can compete with others in our directory. The third row seats are quite low since it is inevitable, but the second-row seats are spacious enough, and it can be slide around to adjust the space in the second and third-row seats. Even though this car is considered the smallest, there are many space storage dotted around the car so that you can still bring quite a load of cargo inside this car.

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