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Best 7 Passenger SUVs has replaced the popularity of minivans as a family transporter in the market. In some consideration, many people prefer to choose SUV because it has a more stylish design, with function first counterparts, the high capacity passenger and for the bonus, it has all weather in available all-wheel drive option. With this segment, there are best seven-passenger SUV that you can commit to buying or lease.

Contemporary 7 Passenger SUVs: 2015 Ford Flex

This car is the most contemporary seven-passenger SUV that chooses the embrace boxy design shape in surf wagon design that counts in long flat roof and slab sides. Move aside from the arrest styling; this 2015 Ford Flex offers the roomy spacious inside with three-row seating capacity and additional cargo space at 83 cubic feet.

Then for the engine, the buyer can choose between the 287 horsepower with 3.5lt V6 or select the optional engine with 3.5lt twin turbo Ecoboost V6 that result in more power at 365 horsepower. The six-speed automatic transmissions included in all boards. For the fuel efficiency, this car is the rate at 18 mpg city/25 mpg highway when it has an original V6 engine.

7 Passenger SUV with Great Towing Capacity

If you are looking for not only SUV that provide large family transporter but also massive towing capacity, you need to choose 2015 Dodge Durango. This car has the impressive ability in towing with maximum weight at 7400 lbs and go with its seven seating filled. The Dodge Durango also able to provide 84.5 cubic feet of cargo that result from rear seats that out and make the useful haulier that across from the aboard.

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The 8-speed automatic transmission makes this SUV able to reach the fuel mileage in 18 mpg in stop and 25 mpg in highway driving. The engine power results in 290 horsepower with V6 3.6lt and 360hp with a 5.7lt V8 turbo engine. The four-wheel drive option is available, and when it has a custom V8 engine, the buyer can configure low range system that makes this car more efficient in off-road driving.

Best Seven-seater SUV 2015: 2015 Chevrolet Traverse

Here are the best seven-seaters SUV 2015 that not only provide seven seater and third-row seater but also provide you with the most significant interior capacity in the list of 7 seater SUV. The cargo space s available 117.5 cubic areas and can fill with one additional passenger.

Do not imagine that when you drive this traverse, you will experience such as a big truck, but thankfully it’s sedan platform that makes this SUV more pleasant to move from daily basis driving. The engine itself offers only available in 3.6lt V6 that results from the powerful engine in 288 hp and 270lb ft torque.

The six-speed automatic transmission is optional for the front wheel and all wheel drive trim. The fuel economy rate in this traverse is count as 17mpg city and 24 mpg driving on the highway.

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