Best 7 Passenger SUV

Ford Flex 7 Passenger Crossover SUV

Here are best seven-passenger SUV that can be an excellent option for replacing your minivans for your family vehicles. The other reason why this car restores the popularity of the compact van is the stylish and function first counterparts with high capacity SUV that become the essential rule in massive passenger haul.

Best 7 Passenger SUV: Ford Flex 2015

The Ford flex 2015 is seven-passenger SUV that goes into contemporary with the embrace of boxy with long 60’s wagon surf era with flat roof and slab sides design. This vehicle provides quite a room with third-row seating available and additional cargo space into 83 cubic areas.

There is optional buying with 287hp, from the 3,5l V6 engine and optionally choose for 3.5lt, twin turbo ecosystem from V6 that increase the power into 365hp. The fuel mileage for the Ford Flex is about 18mpg city and 25highway. Next competitor for seven-passenger vehicles is Nissan Pathfinder.

Nissan Pathfinder 2015 Review

Nissan Pathfinder 2015 is competitive 7passenger SUV that provides excellent fuel economy and driving stability. Powered with 265hp, from 3.5lt V6 and variable transmission make this vehicle reach the fuel mileage in 19mpg city/25mpg on the highway.

The comfortable and more efficient option is available for this vehicle with Pathfinder Hybrid that offer-supercharged engine with 2.5lt in four-cylinder with a 15kW electric motor that provides more 500 miles range. With the high option in AWD makes this car referenced for plenty people haul capacity and smooth driving experience.

The Best Market for nine passenger vehicles

Are you wondering for a large car that has nine passenger vehicles capacity that able to haul your entire family? This car will help you to do your requirement with their spacious room, 3rd-row seats that comfortable even for adults, and plenty of cargo space with fuel economy for their class.

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9passenger vehicles:2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

The first recommended car for your nine passenger vehicles is Chevrolet Tahoe that priced at $45.000. The best value for the segment market with best price offer and split folding bench-seating option that able to increase this eight-passenger amenities into nine passengers. It has 5.3Lt with V8 engine drivetrain that delivers 355hp and six-speed auto transmission.

Next is GMC Yukon that able for Tahoe brother but it has classier with price higher, but it offers extra features from a standard such as locking rear differential to add extra stability. The 8-inch touchscreen as a monitor for the rearview camera system and interior configuration for nine passengers add this luxury amenities car with chrome in exterior accent. Powered by 6.2lt V8 this vehicle delivers 420hp. The features such as leather interior, sunroof and speaker system will pleasure your travel with family.

If you are looking for more capacity for your nine passenger vehicles, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the best option for you. With lowest load floor and high roof, version makes this car able to transport the large group people to 12 people with 4row seating. The 2.1l four-cylinder turbo diesel engine powered 161hp in the base model.

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