Best 7 Passenger SUV List

10 Most Affordable 3-Row Vehicles

Check out the seven-passenger SUV list that will make you able to determine your option for seven passengers. Find the perfect combination of 7 passengers of style, reliability and performance are never easy, but this list will make consumers have a great option for 2015 models. The third-row seat is important for family’s transportation and for others who need for additional space and cargo haul capacity.  With the specification, you can determine for advantage and main features from each of 7 passenger SUV list

Best & Passenger SUV List: 2015 Acura MDX

This car is best third-row seating SUV and crossover that package with luxury and popular in 2015. This car is optionally both in front wheel drive and AWD with 290hp from V6 engine that has EPA estimated at the 18/20mpg city and 27/28mpg highway combination. The suspension and handling are responsive, and this becomes the roomiest car in its class. For additional cargo, the rear seats are available for folded down.

Best Fuel Efficiency: 2015 Nissan Rogue

If you are looking for best fuel efficiency SUV with seven-seaters, you need to choose 2015 Nissan Rogue. The EPA rate is 26 mpg city33 mpg highway. With the new all-independent system of suspension enhance the handling, and active ride control offers smooth riding in roads. This SUV features includes power driver seat, push start button, rear camera, power windows, and smartphone integrates.

How to Get Cheap SUV Rentals

Get this tip to get cheap SUV rentals while you are in your travelling.  When you have a car rental, this means that you will have excellent travel accommodations that will transport you to the destination you need without frustrating in cost and dig your wallet deeply.  This car will make you able to save your money by looking for next travel rental cars. The first tip is by becoming the member of the rental loyalty program.

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This is usually easy and free. Next is, when you are looking for rental cars, try to find the coupons and deals offer that save your cost with the discount offer, and you can combine your tickets to double down your payment. If you are looking for online, search in trusted online car rental such as

that offer you with affordable, great deals and coupon from multiple providers that use broad category that suit your requirement. When you arrived at the airport, please do not rent a car from the airport. If you want to transport from your airport, contact rental car from your booked hotel or offsite agency will make you able to avoid airport concession fees.

Next, for anticipating that you need the car for a longer time that you need for estimated, you need to rent the car for longer reservation time. Tacking extra couple hours or days to your reservation also make you have lower rate base even when you return the car earlier. However, some agency such as Hertz and National will charge early recover the cost.

So, ensure that you check your agency terms and condition agreement before you confirm booking the rental agreement.  The key from rent a car and get cheap rate is determining on how actually you will use the car and the utility. Consider for any extra requirement such as kids seat, extra room and cargo capacity and many more includes the types of car because this will determine the cost from your car rental fees.

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