Best 4 Cylinder SUV

4 Cylinder SUV with 3rd Row Seating

SUV or sport-utility vehicles are the best choices for the family. This article comes in various sizes and also prices. Sometimes families choose to have the midsize one regarding its cargo capability and even its seating capacity. This kind of SUV also comes with an all-wheel-drive system which comes with various advantages. Here is some best four-cylinder SUV that your families can choose.

Toyota RAV4 Review

There are at least three sizes of SUV car. The popular one is midsize which is excellent for families, while if you choose the smaller one, you will get a lower price and better fuel economy, but it comes with lower capacities of cargo and also seating. The more significant size will give more space for cargo and passengers, but it is available with a higher price yet lousy gas mileage.

Toyota RAV4 is one small SUV from Toyota that comes at an affordable price in its class. This car issued for the first time in 1994, and now you can still the one that produced is 2012. It comes with price $23,460 that makes it be one of best four-cylinder SUV. The primary feature you will find is its front-wheel-drive system with automatic transmission. The engine comes with 2.5 litres in 4 cylinder engine. This car has a three-row seat and also limited trim level.

Hyundai Tucson Review

The new Tucson is the reworking of the 2010 model. This 2012 model now comes with the four-cylinder engine with trim levels. In general, the price of Hyundai Tucson is $19,145. This series begins with a front-wheel drive system if you choose the one with all-wheel drive system to prepare more cost.

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The significant features it had is the 5-speed manual transmission with four-cylinder engine combines with variable intake length with variable valve control. This car designed for five passengers, with 6-way seat adjustment for driver and 4-way adjustment for the passenger. Hyundai Tucson is the smallest SUV owned by Hyundai. The price is interesting.

Popular SUVs

If two SUVs above are not your style, you can try to have some of the SUVs below. The price is higher than the last two SUVs we have today. The first we have in the best four-cylinder SUV is Ford Explorer that produced in 2014. This model comes with 7-passenger seating and is on the list of America’s favourite SUV that you can find.

The standard is using a V6 engine with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The twin-turbocharged V6 engine is available as an option. This SUV handles front-wheel-drive system, but you can upgrade it to be all-wheel drive system. The price is quite higher, around $30,910. Though it is a non-luxury car, the features are quite the same as luxurious one seater car.

Now, we are talking about America’s most famous SUV. This car listed in number 3, the 2014 Jeep Wrangler. This model is available in limited in 4-door car, and also a model with two doors. This car can carry for maximum five passengers and comes with the four-wheel-drive system and V6 engine system. Both automatic and manual transmission is available for this series. The price is excellent, $23,390.

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