Best 3rd Row SUV

Best 3 Row Luxury SUV

When it comes to the best 3rd row SUV, you may find several options instead. There are several cars which are coming out with third-row seating, but critics and consumers complain it out of your choice. Fortunately, the car manufacturers take notice that there are some types of SUV vehicles such as crossovers minivans, or compact. Listed below are SUV cars with positive reviews where the third-row seating designed for your tremendous families.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is well-known for its family SUV car which is also classified into one of the best 3rd row SUV cars. The lowest price starts at $28,975 which equipped with stable fuel efficiency and sharper external outlooks. Furthermore, the Odyssey is also able to carry eight passengers with easy access, copious cabin storage and outstanding children-seat accommodation add up to the proportion of family-friendly. Some people claim that even with load passengers, there will be still generous space of 38.4 cu feet just behind the third row. The folding row is simple as well as creating 93.1 cu feet cargo on the second row.

Buick Enclave

When it comes to Buick Enclave, what comes up in your mind? The popularity of SUV forces the brand to misguide and refreshes the styling points. Surprisingly, also equipped with automatic climate controls, USB port, the sensor on rear parking, rear-view camera, Bluetooth and many others. The interior, on the other hand, is just mesmerising as well. The price starts at $39,050 with eight passengers capacity and quite spacious for the third row. Also, the cargo space is also munificent as it’s available with 115.2 cu feet when the third or second row folded.

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Nissan Quest

Even though the Nissan Quest is well known for its fuel efficiency, but it is not supporting four-wheel drive cars as well. If you drive this car when snow falls, it could probably slip. It could be a nice touch, but when the cargo space packed with inflatable pushes, it can turn into something inaccessible. The seating is only able to carry seven passengers even though the design is luxurious. The lowest price of this SUV series starts at $26,220 for sure.

Toyota Sienna

Just like the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna is also able to carry eight passengers. The lowest price starts at $28,600. There are several rooms inside there with spacious legroom for adult-size. The SUV vehicle is coming out with all-wheel drive as well as the features of front drive limited edition outfitted with folding third-row seating.

Mercedes GL-Class

This SUV car is classified into high vehicles as the lowest price starts at $63,600 for the entry-level family vehicle. It has spacious accommodation for adult-size with three rows in between. It looks like a cut of Cadillac Escalade as well. The adaptive air suspension makes it easy to drive which produce smooth quality. The interior is also perfect right on the third-row bunch that won’t get skimped in anyways. It receives all refinements which found in the cockpit makes it as one of the best 3rd row SUV.

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