Best 3rd Row Seat SUV

Nissan Armada Third Row Fold Down Seating Large Best Used 3rd Row SUV Under 15000

For car buyer with a large family, the 3rd-row seat SUV is a must for them. The third-row seat is more popular large capacity and roomy space. There are extensive options for 3rd-row seat SUV that available for you to choose. Starts from the cheap rate till the crossover SUV that provide you high capacity in the haul and two people and cargo in a tremendous amount.

Inexpensive 3rd Row Seat SUV

For you who are looking for economic 3rd-row seat SUV, you can consider for this list next before you buy the car. With this inexpensive SUV list, you are no need worrying for the expensive cost for gas consumption, because it has productive fuel use, and with 3rd-row seating, this means that you can haul more capacity.

The first option is 2013 Mazda 5 that offer price starts at $20.000 includes shipping cost that becomes the least expensive 3rd-row SUV today. The seating configured with 2-2-2 that means for six passengers, but you will able to add one in the back with its spacious room. This car features with standard features such as remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, 16-inch alloy wheel and this is an excellent alternative for the shopper who is looking for minivan option.

The cheapest option for this 3rd-row seat SUV is 2013 Grand Caravan Dodge that comes with its base price in $21.000 with seven-passenger capacity. This SUV delivers the new engine of the 3.6lt V6 engine that results in 283hp with good gas mileage in standard 6-speed automatic transmission at 17mpg/25 mpg city/highway. This car comes with standard features of SUV such as climate control, remote keyless and airbags safety.

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Best Crossover with 3rd-row seat SUV: 2015 GMC Acadia

The most massive full-size crossover SUV that available in the market with comfortable ride such as sedan smooth rather than truck feeling with interior comfortable. The capacity is available for eight passengers, and it is possible for adding captain chairs in middle row that able to enhance the rear accessibility.

It has perfect legroom that provides from sliding second-row access. This crossover equipped with the V6 engine on 3,6lt that deliver 281hp in the standard version and Denali version in 288hp. It has 6-speed automatic transmission and available for all-wheel drive and front wheel option.

Best seven seats SUV:  2015 Mazda CX-9

The seven seats SUV is not only replacing the family sedan but also the minivan because it has superiority in people transport and capacity in cargo hauling. With one additional row seat from traditional car type, this car provides ground clearance and available in AWD and FWD that rare find in a minivan that makes this vehicle more versatile to ride.

For a driver who does not want to lose their handling and high capacity hauling, 2015 Mazda CX-9 is the best option for them with its 101 cubic feet cargo fuel economy at 17 mpg stop and 24 mpg highway. It has a sporty design with 273 hp and engine capacity in a 3.7lt V6 engine that provides excellent acceleration line.

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