Amazing 8 Passenger SUVs in 2016!

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Amazing 8 Passenger SUVs in 2016! Eight passenger SUV will bring you and your family to somewhere beautiful and comfortable, making you able to spend more time on your weekend. If you have more than five members of the family, then considering to have this massive SUV would be such a great idea.

Typically, the eight-passenger SUV will also equip you with a big luggage part on the back and top of the car. So if having eight-passenger SUV is on your 2016 bucket list, learn these lists and specs, and you are ready to have one!

Amazing 8 Passenger SUVs in 2016!

2016 Honda Pilot

The design is sleek and straightforward. Honda is making you easy to bring your family back to nature and all places they want to. With the 31-32 miles per gallon combined, this 2016 Honda Pilot completes the EPA fuel economy. The maximum cargo capacity is 83.9 cu ft. of course, with the eight total seating, you will be able to tag your family along. See the fact that the drivetrain warranty is for five years per 600000 miles. The available drivetrain is FWD and AWD. Make it more interesting, and the government crash rating reaches five stars!

Roar Alert – 2016 Toyota Highlander for 8 Passenger SUV Seeker

he colours displayed of the most favourite Toyota Highlander seems would fall to red. Red alert! The luxurious eight-passenger SUV from Toyota will bring something unusual back in your family in 2016. With the EPA fuel economy 20-22 miles per gallon combined, this can be considered as one of a kind.

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The maximum cargo capacity is 83.2 cu ft. With eight total available seating, this pretty new baby will satisfy the need of your family. The drivetrain warranty is the same with Honda Pilot 2016; 5 years per 600000 mi, also with the same available drivetrains as the government crash ratings. Five stars are in your hand!

2016 Ford Expedition

You can expect to have a wild expedition with this one. You really can. With the muscular look and firm yet gentle body, this 2016 Ford Expedition will be the death of you. Eight total passenger seating, this vehicle is ready to bring you somewhere wilder than usual.

You can depend on it. 16-18 mpg combined for EPA fuel economy, and 130.8 maximum cargo capacity, this type of Ford will promise you with a powerful engine and fantastic room inside. Drivetrain warranty for five years per 60000 mi would be guaranteed. Along with RWD and 4WD available drivetrains.

The newcomers above will soon launch. When the time has come, make sure that you have prepared everything, including the survey you have seen and learnt before. Buying eight-passenger SUV is like buying an investment, knowing that the efficiency and all would even save more money. Compare the prices like you want to compare the Mercedes SUV price. Once you have found the one that can keep you on budget and keep you safe and sound on the road, grab it fast and don’t wait!

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