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7 Seat Vehicles Good Gas Mileage

Mid-size and also full vans and SUVs are still the most favourite car to have for those who have families. This article can carry for at least seven passengers and come with quite big cargo to bring many things. Besides being able to take family and friends, these sizes of SUVs even can tow a trailer. Most of the cars come with an affordable price, choose the one that is a non-luxury car, and you will get a lower price with a high feature. There are some seven-seat vehicles that you can choose today.

Ford Flex 2015 Review

Ford offers many kinds of models until this year. For those who want to look for mid-size SUVs, this brand may be the best place to start your searching. The new one is the 2015 model of Ford Flex. The boxy style of this car makes it not look like a crossover, but it seems like a tall wagon.

This car can carry seven passengers. If you choose the latest model, you will find the one with all-wheel drive system with a V6 engine that can give power until 287 horsepower. When purchasing this car, you will find out an unusual option which is a second-row refrigerator. The cargo space is also excellent, around 83 cubic feet.

Dodge Grand Caravan Review

This series is issued in 2015 and become one of best seven-seat vehicles that most people choose. Dodge offers us with Stow Go seating feature that is available to carry seven passengers with ease. The passengers will still have space to stretch out. They also provide flexibility to carry cargo and people.

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Just like the previous car we have, this comes with four-wheel drive system with a 3.6-liter V6 engine that can give 283 horsepower from its 6-speed automatic system. This car is excellent for those who have significant families with various things to bring whenever you are on holiday. The model did not change this year, but it is still great.

The Best Vehicle

For those who look for a great car with affordable price, Kia Sorento 2015 model may be an excellent choice for you. This vehicle comes with two models, the four-cylinder engine model and also the V6 engine model with 290 horsepower. The customers who but this car report that they are satisfied with its performance and give score 85 out of 100 for its reliability.

This vehicle makes this car becomes the best affordable vehicle we have. Kia Sorento has a three-row seat for seven passengers. Now, there is an improvement for its cabin, the upgraded materials and also trim. They also promise to update their suspension components which are a significant improvement in their ride quality. Sorento is included in our best seven-seat vehicles today. It comes with an affordable price, around $24,300.

BMW X5 will be our last choice today. This car comes with quite a high price, around $53,200. For those who want to look for a luxurious vehicle, this series is the best luxury vehicle we find this year. This car can reach 60 km speed for only 6.9 seconds. The X5 uses 8-cylinder turbocharged machine and also a turbo-diesel device to opt. For people who choose this, be prepared for its high monthly car insurance.

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