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Many people consider about the look and performance when they are looking for the best vehicle for their transportation support. However, many people recently also consider about the functionality especially associated with the ability for carrying the passengers. SUV can offer the look and performance but people should choose the 7 seat suv if they want to be able to carry more passengers with the vehicle. There are some best SUVs which come with seven seats for carrying more passengers in the vehicle.

7 Seat SUV: Toyota Land Cruiser

This suv with 3rd row seating can be considered as the best option which people can find because of some great reasons after all. The most important thing is that this SUV is tough and reliable for carrying seven passengers. People can find this vehicle as best transportation support in the desert because it is the destination without hitch. It comes with pretty expensive price but it still becomes one of the best 7 seat suv options because it comes with nice interior design. It also has faster performance as well as running cost which is cheaper. A bit cramped third row seats can be found but large boot can be found by folding it.

7 Seat SUV: BMW X5

It can be included in the list of the best 7 seat suv options because it is able to go and handle with much better performance. It comes with the occasional child seats which are able to do it job properly. One thing for sure, people can enjoy the driving experience on the SUV which can be found on the market. The base version of this SUV can achieve 50.4 mpg meanwhile the remaining diesel models can achieve 42.2 mpg. X5 M comes with turbocharged V8 engine and it can reach 62mph from zero in 4.2 seconds only. People can find the typical BMW quality from its interior design.

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7 Seat SUV: Mercedes Benz GL

There can be some people who think that this SUV looks like block of flats instead of car. In fact, it is able to drive well and it comes with planted to the road feel. However, it can be difficult for parking in the tight city street for instance. One thing for sure, it can be a great choice of 7 seat suv because it comes with low running cost. It does not come with great access to the rearmost seat but people will find that this SUV is great because there is more space available compared to other SUVs.

7 Seat SUV: Land Rover Discovery

People cannot make the list of the best 7 seat suv without including this SUV after all. It comes with the build quality which has excellent scores. People will be able to enjoy the off road ability as well as high comfort level which is typical for Land Rover. The rearmost seats can be used by adults actually and it must be a rare case when people are talking about off road vehicle. People can find great utility although they will find difficulty to access the rearmost seat. It comes with huge cabin as well although it is expensive and thristier.

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