7 Passenger SUV

Mazda CX9 Crossover 7 Passenger SUV

Family car, of course, will have the specific requirement which should fulfil. There is no question that people usually will need the vehicle which can carry more passengers as family transportation support. SUV can be an excellent option for family transportation support.

It is not only about the passenger’s capacity but also about the cargo capacity. SUV offered with various passengers’ sizes, but we can make sure that seven-passenger SUV becomes pretty ideal option for people. Here are the best seven-passenger SUV which people can consider for their family transportation support.

7 Passenger SUV: 2015 Audi Q7

The very first high option of the best seven passengers SUV which people can feel is 2015 Audi Q7. People can find the mechanical sibling of Porsche Cayenne and also Volkswagen Touareg in 2015 Audi Q7 which becomes the glam SUV offered by Audi. In fact, people will be able to find the best elements of both vehicle sin Audi SUV.

Audi offers three engine options for this model. People can choose the SUV which powered with the supercharged V6 engine which has 3 litres fuel capacity and 280 horsepower. There is also turbo diesel V6 engine with 3 litres fuel capacity. Last but not least, there is also supercharged V6 engine which becomes the tune-up version with 53 horsepower boost.

All models will support the all-wheel-drive system. This SUV comes with the sophisticated design for the cabin as well as materials with high quality. The standard features are pretty royal, and people must not forget about the safety features which strengthens its position as the best seven-passenger SUV.

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7 Passenger SUV: 2015 Mazda CX-9

Many drivers consider the high capacity is hauling much more, so they do not mind to sacrifice the handling and fun when driving the SUV. However, if people do not have the same thought about this, they should consider about 2015 Mazda CX-9 which can offer the fun and handling which they want the most.

It is sure that this SUV can be the best seven-passenger SUV because it comes with interior storage space with 101 cubic feet total measurement. With this internal storage space, this SUV becomes the crossover with a large size which feels in touch with the road. It comes with sporty styling, and people will be able to experience the sporty handling as well.

It supported the V6 engine which has 3.7 litres fuel capacity and the ability for delivering 273 horsepower. This engine becomes the standard option for this SUV. There is no question that people will be able to find the acceleration which can meet the expectation. People will be able to order the all-wheel-drive system for the SUV from Mazda. Last but not least, people should consider this SUV as the best seven-passenger SUV because it comes with 17mpg fuel economy on the city road and 24mpg on the highway.

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