6 Seater Cars

Honda Jade Hybrid 6 Passenger Vehicles with Best Gas Mileage

Instead of the car with seven passengers, capability, some people are looking for the six-seater vehicles which can be more efficient for them. People can find various offers of cars for six passengers with multiple engines from a hybrid engine to 4 cylinder SUV. Here are the best options which can choose.

6 Seater Cars: 2015 Lincoln MKT

People will be able to find the excellent choice of 6 seater cars from 2015 Lincoln MKT. It is the luxury crossover which is unusual. It comes with the interior which is more excellent because it supported by a pair of captain’s chair on the second row. This car can be the reason why this car can carry six passengers.

It is not the only ability which can be found from this car because it also comes with cargo with 75.9 cubic feet capacity. It comes with a V6 engine with 3.7 litres fuel capacity as the standard option. The EcoBoost trim level offered with the twin-turbo V6 engine which has 3.5 litres fuel capacity as well as 355 horsepower. All versions of this car come with automatic transmission and six speeds.

6 Seater Cars: 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 which can include the best six seater cars is offered in Crew body style and Extended Cab body style. It has the front bench seat and seat for three passengers in the rear cabin. Four doors can be found in each body style so passengers can go in and out very quickly.

This car has full-size pickups which can provide various kinds of drivetrain and trims which are astonishing. The base model of this car supported with the V6 engine with 4.3 litres fuel capacity as well as 285 horsepower. Meanwhile, there is also a mid-range truck version which supported the V8 engine which has 5.3 litres fuel capacity and 355 power.

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Both types are supported with the automatic transmission with six speeds. People can also find the option of the car with the V8 engine which comes with 6.2 litres fuel capacity, 420 horsepower, automatic transmission, and eight speeds. People can choose between the four wheel drive or rear wheel drive system.

6 Seater Cars: 2015 Dodge Durango

The fact that 2015 Dodge Durango comes with 50 options of seating configurations can be one great reason why people should consider this car as the best six seater cars. People can find this car model which can carry six passengers instead of seven passengers because there is a model which comes with folding captain’s chair in the second row although it is optional.

It comes with the flexibility of the full-size crossover. People can choose the car which comes with the V6 engine which has 3.6 litres fuel capacity and 290 horsepower or HEMI V8 engine with 5.7 litres fuel capacity and 360 power. All-wheel drive and rear wheel drive system offered combined with the automatic transmission with eight speeds.

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