6 Cylinder SUV

Jeep Compass Sport Best Mid-size Luxury SUV

If you are looking for six-cylinder SUV because you consider for balancing in power and fuel economy consideration, you are lucky because most of the midsize SUV is comes with six-cylinder engines. Suv comes with high and wide variety; therefore, looking for six-cylinder SUV can be overwhelming when you added your specific requirement into your SUV option.

Compact SUV with Six-Cylinder SUV: Infinity EX

For you who are looking for small size with six cylinders, this Infinity Ex can be an excellent option for you. The tall ground clearance designs with chassis that hang in corner willing and give great practicality. This vehicle is available in rear-wheel drive and AWD option with 3.5lt and V6 cylinder engine that results in 297 hp. The car has 7-speed automatic transmission and fuel economy list at 17mpg/city and 24mg/town highway cruise. You can get the Infinity Ex35 that offered in $38,500.

Luxurious Six Cylinder SUV Used

For you who are looking for posh six-cylinder SUV and used, you can refer to Mercedes Benz GLK class that become affordable price when it comes to the used car rather than buy the new one. T at lower price offer, it has the five-passenger capacity and 54.7 cubic feet of total interior space. The powered engine from the V6 drivetrain and 3.5lt offer you the speed at 268hp and fuel economy at range 17/22 mpg city/highway.

You can get the rear wheel drive and AWD versions. Introduce as a luxury crossover; this rugged compact class is a new styling car that offered to start from $33.900 for all wheel drive and 435.900 for the 4MATIC one.  The luxurious cabin makes this become the most luxurious sedan offer. The 20-inch aluminium alloys with monochromatic paint and aluminium roof rails make this car perfect to buy for luxurious six-cylinder SUV.

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Most Reliable SUVs: Compact Size

For you who are looking for most reliable SUV in a compact size, here are some guides to make you able to avoid the wrong option of buying small SUV.  The best option for compact size SUV that reliable and recommended buying Subaru Forester that price base range starts from $22.195-$33.096.

This car has excellent practicality benefit, class-leading in fuel economy and visibility that would hard to find in another modern vehicle. It has five maximum seating, with an all-wheel-drive system, with four-door SUV, CVT system, 6-speed manual transmission, and power with a 2.0lt four-cylinder turbo engine that delivers 250hp. For the optional drivers, you can choose 2.5lt with powered 170hp.

Most Reliable SUV: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

The new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is offer starts from $19.595 for base trim. The fuel economy at 24 city/29 highway makes this vehicle recommended for you who need a sports car with enough fuel economy rates. It has five maximum passenger capacities, with front-wheel drive and AWD available.

The 2.0lt 4cylinder engine delivers 148hp, and the free 2.5lt with four cylinders give 168hp. It has handless less from the more extensive Outlander and high acceleration. This vehicle offers you the versatility, controls, and front access to control handling.

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