4 Wheel Drive Cars

Best 4 Wheel Drive SUV for Snow

Are you kind of automotive freak? You have to know more about the four-wheel drive cars. It is not only about knowing the current review or the newest information about your favourite car. Indeed, you must look closer at the history and the mechanical design of the vehicle.

What is A 4 Wheel Drive Cars

The four-wheel drive car is the most general vehicles. The name four-wheel drive or it is also familiar with 4 WD refers to the car which has four wheels and sometimes the cars have multiple bikes. The four-wheel drive may have various wheels. Take, for example, the four by two ride. It means that the four-wheel drives transmit the engine power to the two axle-ends only, usually the back wheels. You can also find the 6 x 4 vehicles. It has three axles in which two of the wheels provide power to the other two.

How about the 4WD? It is the four-wheel-drive cars that have at least two axles which provide power to the four-wheel. For the 4 WD offers maximum transmission transfer, the 4 WD becomes one of the best four-wheel vehicles, especially for a sports car. Though it is not explicitly designed for high speed and have a limited-slip mechanism, the 4 WD will be still a great vehicle design for SUV car.

The 4 Wheel Drive Cars-Mechanical Design

How does the car work? The mechanical design of the vehicle creates a unique model where the two of the wheels fixed to the axle and turn the speed in line with the cars curvy move. The mechanics prevent high stress and slip when the vehicle is turning into different speed with hydraulic differential. The differential precludes the slip by distributing force in torque evenly. At the same time, the engine will shift the momentum equation to the differential ring gear.

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The engine system can handle any forces of movement and spread the power smoothly with the even ratio to prevent slipperily. Though it has a high mode to avoid slipper, once the car slipped it is difficult to recover. When the vehicle slid, the slipping wheels will go faster than the other and it makes the power unbalanced.

The History of 4 Wheel Drive Cars

The four-wheel drive initially manufactured in the 1900s. It is the Twyford Company which located in Pennsylvania that starts producing the four-wheel car in 1905. After 1905, new designs annually display. And then in 1913 the Jeffrey or the Quads models were the most popular four-wheel drive for they designed with four-wheel brakes and better steering.

The development of the design went quickly with various kind of innovation. Among all productions, Mercedes and BMW seemed to be the most sophisticated car up to 1926. In 1937 Mercedes Benz G5 and the BMW 325 were the most expensive SUV at the time. Todays, it is not only Mercedes, and BMW who offers sophisticated four-wheel cars, in 2008 Nissan introduces the GT – R, while Ferrari provided their FF in 2011. Indeed these all in the list of the most expensive SUV today.

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