3rd Row SUV

3rd Row Seating SUV Used for Sale

When people choose the best 3rd-row SUV, they will use some factors for considering the best option including the available space, comfort, performance, technology feature, and many more. It must be great if people can find the SUVs with best gas mileage which can afford more passengers as well as gear. People can consider these great SUVs with third-row seating as the best option.

3rd Row SUV: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

People will be able to find the more traditional offers of full-size luxury SUV from 2015 Lincoln Navigator instead of the extensive upgrade for cosmetic aspect, and this can be the reason why this SUV option included in the best list of 3rd-row SUV. The inside which is cavernous can found from this SUV, and it can see in the L trim which comes with an extended base as well as interior space with 128 cubic feet measurement.

No matter kind of wheelbase which chosen, people can find the third row which is generous. The reason why this SUV can carry eight adults and the passengers on the rear side can get the best legroom. Twin turbo V6 EcoBoost engine with 3.5 litres fuel capacity can found from this SUV for delivering 380 horsepower. It comes with the optional all-wheel drive.

3rd Row SUV: 2015 Infiniti QX60

People maybe know Infiniti JX, but it is the previous name of 2015 Infiniti QX60. Luxury SUV with full size and third-row seating. This SUV can be included in the best list of 3rd-row SUV because it is not only attractive but also has an interior room which is massive. Comfort can be found by an adult in every row in this SUV.

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Various features which can support the comfort, as well as active safety, can be found on this SUV. The most model of this SUV comes with the V6 engine which has 3.5 litres fuel capacity and 265 horsepower. It also has 25mpg fuel mileage ratings on the highway. People can also find the hybrid version and optional all-wheel drive.

3rd Row SUV: 2015 Dodge Journey

People can see that 2015 Dodge Journey as one of the best options of 3rd-row SUV not only because it comes with third-row seating. However, this is the mid-size SUV which comes with integrated child seats option and this is a pretty rare feature in its category. People can find that the third-row seating is optional in this SUV.

There is also second-row seating which comes with sliding capabilities, so the rear space of this SUV can provide more leg room for child passengers. The storage space of this SUV comes with 68 cubic feet measurement. Four cylinders engine with 2.4 litres fuel capacity can found from this car, and it can deliver 177 horsepower. All-wheel drive option can found by upgrading the vehicle with a V6 engine with 3.6 litres fuel capacity and 283 power.

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