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2015 is about to over, changing the year into 2016. In the automotive industry, changing year means changing model or type of car, performance, price, as well as the interior and exterior. Happens all kind of vehicles, including the three rows SUVs. This type of car is predicted to be a bomb, still, after having an excellent record in 2015 so far. Three rows SUVs might have come in your mind and sickened your guts, cannot wait to have one. Don’t be hurry. Read the reviews here first then you can start picking up your lovely three rows SUVs from the store.

Types and Specifications of 3 Rows SUVs in 2015

Whoops! It just slipped out, knowing the fact that there are this three rows SUVs with an affordable price, yet an excellent performance and ranked in number one for affordable large SUVs and two for affordable SUVs with three rows. This type has been considered as an affordable one because it is fuel economy, and indeed accessible for a car that can be your good friend in a highway. The acceleration is incomparable in its class. Chevrolet has been developing and remodelling it. According to one survey called scorecard, this type has 8.7 of 10 for its critics, performance, interior, safety, and reliability. Perfect.

The Safe and Sound Ride – Toyota Highlander

Placed in the second position after Chevrolet Tahoe, this safe and sound ride is also fuel economy. The whole point of this type of car is that it is strong, able to be taken on an adventurous journey. Behind the dominant and robust V6 engine, there is a hushed, composed ride. This Highlander from Toyota is in #3 for affordable midsize SUVs and in #4 for affordable crossover SUVs. Besides, the capacity of cargo is very spacious, enabling you to bring lots of stuff for your journey with family or friends. Magic spelling, this off-road SUV is one of a kind.

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What will be in 2016 for three rows SUVs?

Upcoming three rows SUVs will spoil 2016 from Honda and KIA. Honda will soon be presenting their new forthcoming ride called Honda Pilot. This type has been scored and predicted to be a Casanova in 2016, placing number one in ranking chart already with average score 8.9. This fully redesigned car will be coming up with spacious third row which is rare to find in other types, lots of in-cabin storage, and luxurious interior materials. With the VG super engine, it cannot be a wrong choice. Also, KIA has been releasing the 2016 Sorento. According to one trusted survey for auto, this type has 8.5 for the score. Because of its valuable interior, making it fantastic on the road for the pleasant ride.

So, have you now decided which 3 row SUVs you are about to choose?  Keep on reviewing and see how much more you can discover by comparing and learning the reviews. Good stuff takes time. That should encourage you to know the details more about your future ride.

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