3 Row SUV

10 Most Affordable 3-row Vehicles 2017

For the big family purpose, 3 row SUV is the best option for you who are looking for adult friendly, or driver that accommodate younger passenger crowd. The 3-row SUV sometimes offer additional cargo capacity and benefit for practicality who need haul in heavy load gear. The last word, 3-row SUV starts with affordable transportation, and it ranges from all way to the high-end luxury features.

Best 3 Row SUV: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The first recommended 3 row SUV for you is Toyota Highlander Hybrid that offers you the luxurious high-end crossover third-row SUV. It provides you with the practicality of folding second and third rows seats that gives you 83.7 cubic feet for cargo capacity. The 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is an engine with four-cylinder and V6 drivetrains that offer more flexibility for buyer’s option. The four-cylinder that paired with six-speed in an automatic transmission is optional for front wheel drive only an upgrade for V6 is available for all-wheel drive option. The Highlander hybrid added with CVT gearbox features and all-wheel drive standard system.

3 row SUV:  CPO Under 25000

If you are looking for a family car that will not cost you much, this used 3-row SUV and certified Pre-owned (CPO) warranty under 25000 is the best way in ensuring you will have low running cost for a long time in future. The first option for this 3 row SUV under 25000 is 2011 Dodge Durango. The most popular 3 row SUV that offers you the sizeable spacious cabin interior, with powerful V6 or V8 option power. The 2011 Dodge Durango recommended because there is a high score for extras luxury and feature added such as rear park assist, keyless ignition, dual front seat power, tailgate power and backup camera. For the perfect leisure in used 3 row SUV, you can choose 2011 Buick Enclave that is the most popular crossover with powerful V6 and high-end features inside and outside. The mid-level option in CXL model is recommended to search because it offers you a high range of luxury feature and comfortable such as heated front seats, 19-inch alloy wheel, backup camera and leather upholstery.

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Seven seater cars: Land Rover Discovery 4

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is excellent seven seater cars that scored with well built, perfect for off the road, and give maximum comfort for a gravel road. The next best seven seater is Land Rover Range Rover Sport that might not become the first option for you who need an affordable family class. This car was starting price in sixty grand, but you can expect for an excellent vehicle in such factors. Lighter tone rather than it’s previous Range Rover and performs with fuel use. The diesel manages in mid-40s fuel economy and offers powerful driving with verve perform. The power of 503 horsepower with turbocharged V8 is the top range option for the excellent built car, but you can start with SDV6, as overall cars you need. With mpg est at 22/44 city/highway, this becomes the most recommended seven seater cars that you need for luxury and speed with the huge cabin.

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