There is no one more qualified to lead the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) than Dato’ Raja Rezza Shah, a Malaysian royalty who has been practically raised and groomed for the role of Founder and Chairman. His royal bloodline, upbringing in a royal household, inherent creative talent, passion for culture and heritage, and in-depth experience and skills in a myriad of career industries have all equipped and prepared him for the complexities of driving and spearheading the religiously sensitive IFF.


His illustrious career journey spans the worlds of modelling, dancing, acting, singing, interior designing, event organising, culture & heritage preservation and more recently, the corporate arena. Ever the enterprising multi-tasker, Dato’ Raja Rezza Shah does not focus on just one vocation at a time. From his teenage years until today, he has managed to delve in two to three endeavours at any one time, thus enabling him to experience and accomplish more than conceivably possible in most people’s lifetime.


Far from forsaking one endeavour for the other, he has successfully made a name for himself and left a lasting impression on each of his various undertakings. In recent years, Dato’ Raja Rezza Shah has set out on yet another challenging endeavour. He has tirelessly channelled his energy towards correcting the image plaguing Islam in the West in a subtle manner that promotes moderation while simultaneously bringing peoples of different creed and culture together in harmony, thus making for a meaningful contribution towards the positive projection of not just Islam but also Malaysia.


These are certainly extraordinary accomplishments by any standards that bring great pride to Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole.




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